Undesirable Decisions Scene 3 by Danielle Fletcher

Scene 3 of Undesirable Decisions

Larry Covington
Rebecca the Sandwich Artist
Jonathon Avery
Rhonda Covington

Rhonda’s Voice in the Background: Before I tell you about what is going on with me and Larry. I want you to tell me what exactly happened with both of you at the Deli? (As the question lingers the light will center on the right side of the stage. On the right side of the stage the deli will be already set up. Jonathon Avery is in front of the sandwich artist Rebecca is waiting for his order.)

Rebecca: (Flirting) Hello Larry, you ordering the BLT Deluxe as always?
(Flirting back) you know me so well Rebecca, if I didn’t know any better I would say that you were stalking me.
Yeah well it’s hard to miss such a cute face. Especially since you come in here every day and order the same thing off the menu.
Well maybe I’m just waiting for the beautiful girl behind the counter to go out on another date with me.
(Giggles) We went out on a date last week Larry. Then after a very passionate night, I woke up to an empty bed with a note saying you would call me later. Now, I have to admit the Rose on the pillow and the coffee already made in the kitchen was a sweet touch. But when a guy tells me he is going to call me and he doesn’t that can only mean one thing.(Larry Covington walks into the Deli on edge as he plays with his cell phone checking his messages.)
Jonathon: (He is trying to come up with a believable lie)It’s not my fault they called me into work that morning. Becca you know I wanted to spend the whole day with you in bed, I wish I could have stayed a bit longer so we could have… (He leans in and whispers something in her ear.)
Rebecca: (playfully laughs as she says) Oh, Jonathon Avery you sure do know how to make a girl blush. (When Rebecca says his name that immediately catches Larry’s attention. Larry will begin to walk up to Jonathon slowly as Jonathon turns around with a big smile on his face Jonathon will see Larry and will wave hello.)(Larry will then walk up to Jonathon enraged and will punch him in the face. He will turn around and then walk out of the deli.)
Rebecca: (Scared and full of concern) Oh my goodness! Jonathon, are you okay?
(Grabbing his face where he was hit) Yeah… I guess so. I’m just a trying to understand what just happened.
What was all of that about Jonathon? Are you in trouble? If you are just let me know. Because I know this guy in phoenix who knows a guy, who knows a guy and he can make problems disappear… If you know what I mean?
Yeah I know what you mean… And I’m still not too sure on what that was all about. But hell I know one ditzy red head who can give me the four one one on what is going on. (As he says the last sentence he walks out of the store which leads back to Rhonda’s house. He will take a seat on the couch with Rhonda. Rhonda’s living room is not lit up. Rebecca the sandwich artist will watch Jonathon as he leaves, proceed to shrug and continue to wipe down her counters. After Jonathon leaves it will black out in the Deli and a spotlight will slowly come up on Rhonda and Jonathon as he begins his first line.)

Jonathon: So I left the deli, and I headed straight to your house. I figured you would have an idea to why your husband all of a sudden has a death wish. Who the hell does he think he is the Hulk?
Rhonda: Shut up, Jonathon he has a good reason to want to kick your ass.
Jonathon: Oh yeah? And what would that be?
Rhonda: Well for one, he found out about what happened in Vegas.
Jonathon: So… That was when you two were separated. It’s not like I am going to take you away from him. You two are married now it’s different.
Rhonda: That’s only a part of why he is so mad at you. Believe me the other part is much worse.
Jonathon: What’s worse than him finding out that you cheated on him?
(Sarcastically) Hmm… Well I don’t know could it be the fact that I’m pregnant.
You are? Well isn’t that something you two should be celebrating and not fighting about?
Well it would be if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t know who the father is…
Rhonda, you sly dog you… When did you become such a little whore?
I am not a whore and why does everyone keep calling me that?
Jonathon: Well I’m not sure exactly, but it could have something to do with you sleeping with men that are not your husband.
You should be the one to talk you were the one who took advantage of me after the fight I had with Larry!
(looking insulted) I took advantage of you? Ha! Not likely sweetheart, I remember you telling me about how your man never treated you right and whining about all the crap he put you through. I was just trying to show you a good time in Vegas to keep your mind off of him. You kissed me remember?
That is bull and you know it. I mean you could have said no, you knew I was getting married in two months but you did it with me anyways.
Are you even listening to yourself? You didn’t have to sleep with me, it’s not like you were screaming for me to get off of you. In fact you were screaming something that was the exact opposite of that.
You think you’re so clever don’t you?
Jonathon: (Looking pretty pleased with himself) Yes actually I do…
Well Mr. clever do you remember wearing a condom?
(Stands up begins to pace back and forth, thinking and getting scared after each pause) Well of course I… I mean I remember… I took it out of my wallet… (Coming to realization) Oh God was it expired?… (Shocked) So are you trying to tell me that you’re pregnant with my child?
Yes Jonathon, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
(Jonathon faints. Rhonda smacks her forehead as if she is in a room with a complete idiot. Lights out.)

(End of Scene 3)

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